At Hop we got fed up with hearing you've either got ‘it’ or you haven’t. So we thought, "hmmmm...what if you could teach ‘it’"? Impossible? Well …we can and we do.

Our philosophy is to clearly define what excellent customer service is and then to give your people the tools to deliver that service. To make them skilful and masterful at what they do. Good service is all about how you make people feel and making people feel great is a skill.

All our Workshops are bespoke to each individual client - see below for just some of the areas we cover. 


Educate. Empower. Improve.

  • Defining good and bad service.
  • How to have Presence on the floor.
  • How to quickly read the mood of the customer.
  • How to work with empathy.
  • How to tailor service through voice, thought and body language.
  • Effective complaint handling.
  • How to engage customers effectively.
  • How to deal with groups.

  • How to deliver persuasive and empowering shift briefs.
  • Conflict resolution; dealing with threatening behaviour.
  • How to take control of our body language.
  • How to Work With Intention.
  • Working with confidence.
  • Bad habits and how to change them.
  • How to create the right energy in a team and on the floor. 
  • Using English with confidence (for non-native English speakers).

Our Workshops are a mixture of individual and group work, role-play and forum theatre, using trained actors from the UK's top drama schools, including LAMDA, Bristol Old Vic and Guildhall. In addition, all our actors have been trained in the Hop Methodology; this not only makes our Workshops incredibly realistic, but also creates a safe environment in which delegates feel comfortable. The pressure of getting up in a Workshop is remarkably similar to the pressure of working a busy shift.

hop openings workshop

Open with a motivated, empowered and cohesive team.

Deliver exceptional customer service from day one. 

Reduce training lead-in time for your staff.



hop Hosting workshop

Ensure your hosts create the perfect first impression.

Strike the right balance between empathy and efficiency. 

Managing stress and conflict in a busy environment. 

Ensure guests return again and again.




High level 1-on-1 communication skills training.

Creating effective and impactful leaders within your business.

Ensure your management team lead with clarity and confidence.



hop Management workshop

Make your managers great leaders and reduce recruitment costs by promoting internally. 

Enhance relationships between management, staff and customers. 

Create managers who are experts in conflict resolution. 


Hop recovery workshop

Make dramatic improvements in problematic sites.

Eradicate negative energy in sites by empowering and re-energising teams.

Reduce staff turnover.

Improve mystery diner ratings, reviews and social media standing. 




How it works

Workshops are usually run on-site at your business. However, we can arrange an alternative space upon request.

Before creating each Workshop, we will spend time with the operations team and on-site, observing your servers in action to get a greater understanding of your customers, your staff and any current issues. We'll then create the most practical, dynamic and cost-effective workshop to meet your needs.

Workshops usually last six hours and we recommend no more that fifteen students per course.