Last week I was lucky enough to be a guest at The Royal College of Surgeons Emerging Leaders Workshop. It was a fascinating day, with contributions from some of the country's leading medical professionals.

On the face of it, there doesn't seem to be much crossover between the medical and hospitality industries, but leadership, it seems, is one such area. Royal College of Surgeons Council member John Abercrombie spoke passionately about leading his surgical team, with one soundbite standing out in particular...

Always take the blame for your failures, and never take the credit for your victories, and your team will run through walls for you.

Sometimes in our Workshops we joke that we are not saving lives, but John probably has... and so if he can live and lead by this mantra, why can't we in hospitality? 

Last Christmas I went out for a meal with my Girlfriend's family. The restaurant was buckling and the service was all over the place: late food, no food, undercooked food. In truth, it was a horror show. I spoke to the manager and he said the following...

"Look, I haven't got enough staff on tonight, it's busy and it's a really weak team on."

Would you run through walls for this manager?

No, let me re-phrase that...

Would you turn up to work for this manager?