Happy Clients

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— Cliff Hue

“The first thing that really impressed me about Hop was their willingness to come in and understand our brand. Whether it was going out with our sales team or meeting with me and our learning and development team - there is nothing off-the-peg about their approach. Consequently the training they delivered was very relevant to what my team deals with day in, day out. Looking around the room I could see the team recognise KDMs they have come across -  it was really impressive and felt bespoke.”

— Andrew Ford

innocent Field Sales Operations Manager




“Following on from their successful spell at Kiln, we got Hop back in, not only to revitalise our service and hospitality goals, but to create a more visible and rewarding training structure for the team. There’s a clear pathway for our team members now in terms of training and promotion, and a greater accountability across the restaurant as a whole. We know that if we look after our staff well, they in turn will look after our guests. Hop really helped us implement that in a practical day-to-day sense.

— Ben Chapman

smoking goat Founder


“It was so important to make the right first impression with Kiln. We believed in the food, where it came from and how it tasted, but we knew the energy and atmosphere had to match it. That’s where Hop came in… They helped us develop a service philosophy that enabled our staff to adapt to all the different types of customer who come to Kiln, and in doing so, helped us create a restaurant environment where people are served in the way they want to be served - it’s a partnership that is invaluable to us.”

— Ben chapman

KILN owner

What Hop deliver is more than just a communication workshop - it is a fun, playful and sometimes challenging practical session on improving self-awareness and customer experience. Our teams really get the language and the ethos and are able to support one another through this shared understanding. We look forward to working with Hop in the future and getting these beneficial and confidence boosting skills in all our sites.” 

— Fernanda Antonia

DF TACOS Training & Quality Manager


“The course manages to accomplish so successfully what could be deemed impossible...The end result is always brilliant!

— Fernanda Antonia

wahaca Training & Quality Manager

brat 2.jpg



“In Hop we have found a training provider that matches the quality of the Polpo brand. Nick and Ed have found a way to teach hospitality that’s modern, engaging and above all works. Their training empowers our teams to work with creativity and independence and crucially, it’s helping our people and our brand to grow. I would thoroughly recommend Hop training's approach.”

— Luke Bishop

POLPO Managing Director

“Our partnership with Hop is hugely important to us... Initially I was really impressed with how detailed their research was pre - workshop. They took the time to get to know Flat Iron and as a result the training came alive for our teams. The training itself allows staff to adapt to the wide ranging clientele we serve -  It’s practical, accessible and innovative. I also love the fact they celebrate service and hospitality as a unique set of skills requiring unique people - I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”

— Fran Gaech

flat iron Operations Manager

“No1 Lounges offers all travellers the chance to escape the hustle and bustle of the airport – whether travelling for business or leisure, the lounges are available to all passengers regardless of airline or class of travel. Hop Training has greatly enhanced our team’s communication and engagement skills, allowing them to deliver bespoke customer service, tailored to the needs of the individual and thereby making each guest feel genuinely valued. Our teams thoroughly enjoyed the practical nature of the workshops and it’s great to see everyone using the skills that they have learnt when dealing with our guests, and also sharing them with each other.”

—  jamie Storey

no.1 lounges Head of People