I'm not sure if Phillip Hammond gets many letters. Maybe the odd Virgin Media circular and the Screwfix catalogue, but actual Dear Phil letters?


Therefore I can only imagine his delight, when Monday's post came tumbling through No 11. Top of the pile? A letter with Phil written on it from no less than 15 people, including Bill's CEO David Garrod and Steve Richards CEO of CDG. Sadly, it wasn't long before Phil realised this wasn't fan mail.

Instead it was a rallying call. Proudly stating the importance of the hospitality industry from a national perspective. The highlights reel included: Almost 10% sector growth year-on-year, 10% of UK employment accounted for by the hospitality industry, 5% of GDP and tax receipts equivalent to the entire UK defence budget. 

Most people would call that pulling weight, yet sadly this work horse is in grave danger. Rising business rates, rising employment costs and the background hum of Brexit represents a perfect storm for the industry. Time for action Phil...

Please take it, and maybe you'll get a bit more fan mail in the future.