Insight and strategy consultancy Pragma was recently commissioned to write a ‘market snapshot’ report on the state of the food and beverage industry in the UK. The general gist of things… There’s reason to be optimistic even in the post-Brexit quagmire. Pragma forecast that the ‘branded dining market’ is estimated to be worth £22bn within the next 5 years, with its current market value topping out at a punchy £16.4bn. In light of this, it is perhaps not surprising that Pragma also discovered that almost a third of us eat out at least once a week.

However, the most telling stat came from a dreary looking graph on page 11. Respondents were asked, what's the most important drivers when choosing a restaurant? Top of the list at 88% was food, but for once let’s remember who came second, third and fourth…

Consistency: 78%
Service: 76%
Environment: 74%

These metrics can be grouped under one useful umbrella term: People. It is people that provide consistency, it is people who provide service, and it is people who create the right environment

So what is the takeaway here (excuse the pun)? 

Invest in people… train them to adapt to all different types of guest (service) train them to be self - aware and use Emotional Intelligence (consistency) and train them to work in cohesive teams from manager to KP. These are the cornerstones to creating an amazing environment in your site, in which guests want to eat and staff want to work.

The future’s bright for the sector, but the spoils will go to the champions of Consistency, Service and Environment.