Job site company CV-Library recently published research suggesting that over half of us (53%) cite stress as a current issue in the workplace. Moreover, 63% of those believe that poor management is the main driver for that stress. These statistics are worrying enough in themselves, but really only show the tip of the iceberg... The bigger question across all sectors is where does this increase in stress lead?

Let's focus on hospitality. At times, it can be an incredibly stressful industry to work in, and at other times, it can be joyous like no other. However, we'd be naive to think that bad managers and stressed staff don't exist in the fraternity. Returning to my earlier question, in the hospitality sector, stress can leads us down a dark and dangerous road. Poor management affects (stresses) staff; this leads to low morale, and as Lee Biggins from CV-Library suggests, this may in turn make staff "turn on their heels and look for a better working environment elsewhere".

This you may think, is bad enough, in an industry where turnover tops out at 72%. However, there is another more silent, deadly killer lurking down this dark and dangerous road. For just as good management and culture will trickle down to your customers and guests, so will stress and dissatisfaction. It's a top down virus, which infects a whole site. And worst of all? Your guests take it home with them and spread it around everyone they know.